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Tarotel Party

Tarotel has proved to be one of the most popular fun games at parties and get-togethers.  It gets people chatting and speculating on the interpretation of readings as they apply to friends (whose readings are being read out publicly).

tarot card readingTo guarantee more fun and interaction between guests make sure to add Tarotel to your guest list.

One of the most popular party events, where Tarotel is featured, is where the party Host asks for a volunteer to have their readings in love-money-ambition and destiny read out. The volunteer selects four cards from each of the separate LOVE, MONEY, AMBITION and DESTINY packs of cards ( the cards are placed face downwards…see  instructions). The Host slowly reveals the first card reading and gets the Volunteer to say what he/she thinks of the reading. For example, is it true, does it sound relevant, does that relate to a past boyfriend/girlfriend, is that a reference to your ambitious nature or recent money problems or new job or recent dispute. The volunteer then says what she/he thinks of the reading. Then, the host asks those attending what they think of each reading as it is revealed. This is bound to generate a few interesting comments from amusing to amazing. The host should keep the comments fun and light and encourage friends of the volunteer to say what they think on each reading. This procedure is followed for each reading (4 readings in Love, 4 in Money, 4 in ambition and 4 in Destiny).tarot card reading

You can even have a bit of fun with the sceptics attending the party. Turn the focus on the most vocal sceptic by insisting on doing a Tarotel reading for her/him. See and enjoy the comments as the readings for the sceptic are slowly revealed and become the subject of lengthy scrutiny and comments.

Tarotel is an authentic interpretation of Tarot cards using Tarot symbols and Tarot card interpretations. Tarotel readings reflect what would be authentic interpretations depicted in Tarot card readings. It is a fun product designed to give pleasure and enjoyment. It will bring together and encourage the interaction of guests in a way that no other gift product can achieve.