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About Tarotel

Tarotel is based on Tarot cards which have been in existence for many centuries and are tarot readingthought to have first originated in ancient Egypt.

There are 78 Tarot cards in a Tarot deck, made up of 22 Major Arcana cards numbered 0 to XXI (numbered similar to Tarotel Destiny Cards) and four suits of 14 Minor Arcana cards numbered Ace to X, Page, Knight, Queen and King (numbered similar to Tarotel Love, Money and Ambition cards).

Each card in the Tarot deck has an illustrated symbol that depicts a feeling, emotion or experience. For example, the Tarot Major card number VI is known as the card of the Lovers and Tarot Major card number XI is the card of Justice etc.

tarot readingThe four sets of 14 Minor Arcana Cards consist of Wands (depicting Advancement), Cups (depicting Romance/Love), Swords (depicting Ambition) and Pentacles (depicting Coins/Money).

The Tarotel readings have been formulated to reflect an interpretation of the Tarot card/Tarot card number that it represents. Tarotel Destiny cards set out interpretations of Tarot Major Arcana cards with corresponding numbers. Tarotel Love, Money and Ambition cards set out interpretations of corresponding Tarot Minor Arcana cards.
Readings based on Tarot cards are carried out using different card spreads and sequences which most often depict Past/Progress, Present, Guidance and Future/Outcome.


Tarotel has been designed to stimulate and speculate purely for entertainment purposes. While great care has been taken in formulating readings that have a relationship or cross reference to Tarot cards it is essential to remember that Tarotel is designed as a fun product to be enjoyed and to stimulate thought and group discussions.
We hope you obtain many hours of relaxation and enjoyment from this Tarotel product!